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 Sourcing  Packages

Looking for a variety of fabrics & trims to use for your next project? 
Our packages include everything from sourcing fabrics, buying on your behalf and courier shipment
direct to you - making the process smooth and seamless. 
1.    Fill in our sourcing form below and tell us in details the fabrics and trims you are looking for.
2.    Tell us the fabric name, weight and colours your searching for OR If you don't know the weight or composition, simply send us a fabric mood board and we can select a variety of fabrics to match your references. 
3.    Purchase the sourcing package for our team to get started!
4.    Our sourcing team will then search for the available fabrics and hand select each one for you.
5.    We will send you reference images to make sure you receive what you are searching for.
6.    We will send all fabric cards to you.
  • What do I receive?   
        We send fabric cards that show a variety of colours, as well as fabric cuts from larger rolls of fabric.
  • What type of Fabrics are available?
        We can source almost any fabric from the market.  Embellished fabrics, woven, knit, prints, linen, hemp, lenzing, sequenced, embroidered      mesh.. the list goes on!
  • What if I want to see different prints?
We will provide you with up to 15 options to choose from that is either matching or similar to what you’re looking for.
  • What if you can’t source what I need?
We will refund 100% of your payment.
  • How long does it take to source my fabrics?
It can take up to 5 days to find the right selection for you, plus shipping.
  • What if I like a fabric you sourced for me? 
Email us an image of the fabric card and the colour reference you like. We can then provide you with the price and assist in shipping the fabric to you.
  • What if I don’t want to order anything once I receive the fabrics? 
That’s absolutely fine.  This is a no obligation sourcing package.
Our Packages include:
- fabric sourcing for each style
- toile 1st sample for you to check the fit
- 2nd sample made in your desired fabric 
- quotations for each style 
- CASH BACK on your order
Receive FREE - draft specification with measurements
(minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per colour / per style)
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