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Fashion Factories are offering an experience of a lifetime.


Sourcing and visiting factories in China, India, or Bali, where attendees are immersed in the most crucial side of the fashion industry - through real-life experiences that blend daily trips and applied hands-on educational learning in an international and vibrant setting.

Our trips are tailored for curious-minded people who wish to expand their knowledge of the fashion manufacturing industry, jump years ahead of their competitors, meet suppliers, source fabrics and trims, and be equipped with all the possibilities and ideas that will fuel your future collections forever.


The experiences are designed to propel you into the manufacturing and sourcing possibilities of the world’s biggest textile manufacturing nation.

Learn how to:

See the workings of inside Factories

The Ethical Standards requested of Factories

Put your designs into work at the Factory

Source New Factories & meet who you will be working with

Source the latest fabrics and trims

Develop new ideas

Learn Entrepreneurship in:

Fashion Design

Product Development

Garment Production

Trend Forecasting

Fabric Sourcing

Meet your Maker

Influencer Marketing & Social Media

Walk away with:

New Factories

Samples and future samples

The Experience of Guangzhou's vibrant City

An understanding of factory operations & how to translate your ideas

Marketing Content for your Brand 

The latest Fabrics & Trims

Once in a Lifetime Experiences

New Friends & Contacts

Social Marketing opportunities

Ideas.. Many many Ideas!


Each minute of your day will be an eye-opening experience into the world’s largest

and fastest-growing manufacturing hub. You will walk away with years of knowledge and expert advice in this accelerated experience that will result in a comprehensive understanding of how the manufacturing process works, a collection of the latest fabrics and trims, a kick-start on sampling for future collection, portfolio material, and marketing content.


We believe our attendees are the driving force of the future of the fashion industry. For that reason, we offer an ongoing mentorship program to guide them on their future endeavors and career choices.


Journey with me:


I have been absorbed in the Fashion industry for over fifteen years. Having lived in Guangzhou,

China allowed a deeper knowledge of the industry, developing collections with factories for global retailers

and brands. 


I currently work with an established and trusted supply chain of manufacturers and suppliers, whom I visit regularly to ensure working conditions and production lines are to the highest standards.


Now I want to share my knowledge of the industry with you and guide you through your fashion journey.


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